Sales Consulting • Business Coaching Interim Management

»Top performers are particularly positive people with an optimistic outlook on life.«

Systemic, integral business coaching

As a business coach I accompany clients in their corporate function, company owners, managers and executives who are now particularly challenged or even overwhelmed, are under enormous pressure and suffer fears concerning the future themselves. I am your sparring partner at eye level in all situations.

The working relationship with private individual customers is characterized by absolute discretion and a NDA is signed by both parties.

My coaching is systemic and integral which means it is process-oriented with specific interventions and clear objectives.

In many cases it is helpful not just to look at the individual person, but to include the entire relevant system in a systemic approach.

»Systemic« is the idea that people are in a mutual relationship with their environment, their goals and problems.

»Integral« is the idea that not only people’s functions or roles are considered but the whole of their personality.

The time it takes for the accompanying process depends on the initial situation and the goals set together.

I provide analog and digital coaching.

As a sales trainer I provide knowledge and experience that can be implemented immediately. The aim of my training is always to invest in the quality of relationships with customers, in which a lot of the unconscious becomes conscious. Together we analyze relationships and products from the customer´s perspective. By engaging in role plays the key points/aspects impacting sales discussions and negotiation strategies become clearly visible.