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Personal Background

I gained my first international job experience as a student in the reception of the Mexican Hotel Ritz, Acapulco. In the following 25 years I worked for European, US and Latin American as well as Asian companies in and outside of Europe.

At the age of 35 and for the ten subsequent years I was in charge of global sales for a multinational company with sales of over € 200 million per annum. In 2014, after more than a thousand plane take-offs, a life out of a suitcase in hotels with up to 40 business trips per year, I finally quit. Having gathered experience in five different branches of industry I took courage and decided to embark on my self-employment journey, and have worked as a coach since then.

As a sales consultant, I am fascinated by the tension between analogue and digital worlds. I mostly find myself on the side of the industry which suffers from disruptive forces and accompany teams towards hybrid solutions.

What shaped me into who I am today …

… my sheltered childhood and youth in the country, in Tyrol, Austria,

… my experiences in crisis countries (Colombia, Israel, Thailand …) and in crisis industrial sectors,

… my personal attitude and willingness to perform in dealing with financial and economic crises as well as epidemics (SARS-CoV in 2002/20003 as well as bird and swine flu in Asia),

… my survival of a near-plane crash during a domestic flight in Bolivia,

… my experiences as a pilgrim on the Spanish Way of St. James to Santiago de Compostella (2015, 2017)

I am …

… optimistic and positive in my attitude,

… calm and radiate certainty – even more so in anxious and insecure environments,

… sure-footed in western and eastern corporate cultures and fluent in three foreign languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese); my mother tongue is German,

… a soccer player and guitarist in my spare time,

… hiker in summer, skier in winter.

»The inner growth of a person is the largest conceivable growth market!«