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Crisis Management
in Times of Pandemic

Generally a crisis intensifies problems, reveals undesirable developments and demands a change in attitudes. The corona pandemic cannot be compared to any previous crisis: the Covid-19 virus has the effect of a magnifying glass or a fire accelerator, it can be as destructive as a tsunami. It will radically destroy companies, change industries and realign the mechanisms of globalization, long-term and unconditionally.

We are left with a lot of questions and few answers. Many companies experience a phase of absolute uncertainty. Creative new strategies must be developed to help them overcome their crisis.

»… building a plane up in the sky!« – describes the trend reversal of a post pandemic economy, a shift of paradigm, a forced break which requires giving up traditional management principles and theories. This opens up the possibility of re-positioning and therefore strengthening a company.

My offer

As a sales consultant I use knowledge, emotion and experience to develop strategies for sales teams that enable them to deal with crisis in increasingly comparable and interchangeable markets for emotional B2B sales.

  • Making the seller´s own authenticity work.
  • Emotionalizing customer relationships in order to stand out from the competition.
  • Facilitating and even accelerating purchase decision processes.
  • Satisfying emotional customer requirements so that »added value« replaces »price« as the central decision-making criterion.

The strategic alignment on the way to the target is tailored according to the actual situation. Relinquishing old patterns releases new resources. I accompany the innovation strategies beyond the point of their operational implementation.

In his 1995 book »Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ,« the psychologist Daniel Goleman tries to initiate a change in the mindset of emotions in business life by prescribing emotional intelligence as a key characteristic of executives to achieve professional goals. In corporate practice managers with significantly more cognitive than emotional skills are recruited. However, the Covid-19 challenges companies and can best be met with the means of empathy.

Involving employees in strategic decisions creates a drive that companies need most urgently now. In this time of upheaval, empathy is playing an increasingly central role in all aspects of leadership and especially in selling.

Perceiving and understanding emotions are a first step but how to deal with them for the benefit of a company?


»The law of conservation of energy in physics says that energy never disappears, but only changes into other forms. The aim of my consulting and coaching is to convert your energy into targeted kinetic energy.«

»… building

a plane up

in the sky!«