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Crisis management
in times of war and post-pandemic

A crisis concentrates problems, reveals undesirable developments and requires a radical change of perspective . The current situation is not comparable to any previous crisis. The global impacts of the pandemic have been massively intensified by the Ukrainian war – the balance of markets worldwide is severely disturbed.

Raw materials are becoming scarce, supply chains are disrupted, inflation is rising. As a consequence incoming orders and sales are collapsing, costs are rising and contribution margins are falling below the break-even point. Economic forecasts for the domestic economy and export markets are equally bleak.

This complex crisis has the effect of a magnifying glass or fire aaccelerant, in fact it is in some ways as destructive as a tsunami: it changes industries, enforces change in organizations and, in the worst case, can destroy companies. One thing is certain: globalisation will irrevocably have to submit to new and long-term rules.

We live in a disturbing time with many open questions and few answers. Since many companies suffer from the current situation of absolute uncertainty, new mindsets must be created to make it easier for them to realign themselves and to show them new perspectives.

»… building a plane up in the sky!« – describes the trend reversal of a post pandemic economy, a shift of paradigm, a forced break which requires giving up traditional management principles and theories. This opens up the possibility of re-positioning and therefore strengthening a company.

My offer

As a sales consultant I use knowledge, experience and emotion to develop individual strategies that companies need to deal with crises and to survive them. Relinquishing old patterns will set free new resources.

Since 2015 I consult and advise companies with passion in the field of sales & distribution. I develop strategies in terms of internationalization, interculturality and innovation. Furthermore, I coach systemically & using the integral method. I accompany the innovation process on site until it is implemented in day-to-day operations.

As a consultant I am fascinated by the tension between analogue and digital. I usually find myself on the side of the industry which suffers from disruptive forces and support teams in their attempts to develop hybrid solutions.


»The law of conservation of energy in physics says that energy never disappears, but only changes into other forms. The aim of my consulting and coaching is to convert your energy into targeted kinetic energy.«

»… building

a plane up

in the sky!«